Lex Autolease Leasing Revolution

The Leasing Revolution


Lex Autolease is the UK’s leading vehicle leasing business and a core part of Lloyds Banking Group. It’s responsible for over 270,000 vehicles on British roads, 1 in 33 new vehicle registrations. With investment to grow their fleet by 100,000 vehicles they embarked on a major campaign to introduce vehicle leasing to small businesses.

Although this was a largely untapped market, research identified several barriers to leasing that we would need to overcome. These included letting go of the idea of ‘vehicle ownership’ and demystifying the different finance methods available.

Our Approach

Our big idea was to challenge the whole idea of vehicle ownership, and to show leasing as the modern, smart thing to do. We saw the opportunity to identify with today’s movement towards ‘dis-ownership’ that is evident in many markets – music, fashion, software, office equipment. With small business optimism beginning to build we felt the time was right. The Leasing Revolution was born. The campaign elevates leasing from the way it is usually sold to small businesses, developing a confident tone of voice to explode the myths.

We worked closely with Lloyds Banking Group’s brand guardians Rufus Leonard and brand strategist Chris Spencer, helping develop a new brand identity being established for Lex Autolease.

Digital & Press Advertising

Highly effective digital advertising through Google Display Network, LinkedIn and targeted on-line media supported by a national press campaign.


Prospects were invited to challenge their preconceptions of leasing at leasingrevolution.com, a contemporary responsive microsite containing everything they need to ignite their love of leasing.

Engaging Content

Our online video sells the leasing story better than any brochure. Several cuts of the film were made for internal and external customers as well digital advertising.

Campaign delivered over 14,000 new customer leads.

Digital advertising results were some of the strongest seen by Lloyds Banking Group .

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