Are you ready for the White Space Tax?

Are you ready for the White Space Tax?

When the Computing and Publishing Energy Reduction Act comes into force later this year, businesses that employ too much white space on their websites may face an unexpected tax burden.

Desktop, laptop and mobile screens each require more power to display white. Setting each red, green and blue pixel segment to their highest level means that websites with extensive negative space may consume up to 14.17% more energy. This has lead to the White Space Tax, payable at £0.001 per view of each page that has less than 72.5% non-albus content.

Government spokesman, Ken Offobierre, said “As screens have got larger, designers have got lazier. It used to be an art to fit a whole web page into a space the size of an A4 page. We must consider the needs of future generations above the luxuries of legibility, outline and layout.”

Solutions may include:

  • full width, large text in a condensed font such as Playosa Florid
  • a pulsating orange/grey background
  • black text on a black background requiring special glasses to contrafact the light spectrum

In light of the new legislation, Milestone is happy to offer a free appraisal of your current website. We will propose the best approach to minimise your exposure to the White Space Tax. Our favoured approach is filling all available space with pictures of fluffy kittens.