CIM – The Storm

CIM – The Storm


The Chartered Institute of Marketing is driving the most important conversation in marketing today – how to adapt to meet the demands of the future.

To help start the discussion Milestone was commissioned to make a short film. Our brief was to create a compelling piece of video content that would entertain marketers and leave them with some big questions to solve.

The winning idea was inspired by Nordic Noir crime dramas. True to this genre it features two detectives investigating a mysterious event.

You can see the full length film on the CIM’s homepage at, or embedded below:

“Although clearly tongue in cheek, and filmed in High Wycombe, we wanted to make The Storm feel like a genuine slice of Scandi-drama. And, as epic as possible despite the small budget and crew.”

Peter Wilkinson, Milestone Creative Director

The Storm is a central part of CIM’s Marketing 2025 campaign that aims to start a conversation between marketers about the future of the profession.

It’s about defining the role of marketing in 2025 to create the marketers of the future. In partnership with a range of expert marketers, CIM is going to champion and reward the most forward thinking marketers in the industry who help to predict and solve the challenges of the future.

The brands that never were


While creating set dressing for the short film, we invented Xavvio, a medical supplies company that had gone out of business – leaving behind a mystery for our characters to solve. It was then treated as we would any client, with a range of work that included multiple branding routes, mood boards, posters, banners, pens and stress balls. We deliberately made the materials we produced for Xavvio look dark and depressing, as a bleak reflection of a company that had ceased to trade due to giving up on Marketing.


As well as Xavvio, the script called for a new chocolate bar with a vaguely Scandinavian-sounding name. Enter Kluunk, the favourite vice of one of the lead characters, Lars, with custom packaging created by Milestone.

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