The buying power of low information consumers

There is a phrase used in American politics – ‘Low Information Voters’ or LIVs. It’s a cynical term used to describe people who are not the best informed about the issues. Politicians have developed a range of tactics to win over these voters. And many claim that Trump’s success was due to his ability to engage this audience.

Reading new insights from Autotrader in ‘The Car Buyers Report’ made me connect this idea with car buyers.

Autotrader states that ‘confident car lovers’ make up 39% of the population. “These people are knowledgeable about cars and have a strong interest in them.”

“In contrast, 61% are less enthused and typically lack confidence and passion for buying a car.”

There is a “limited mental effort they are prepared to invest in the process.”

If Autotrader is right, then a large majority of the potential audience are like low information voters.

Whether we believe Autotrader’s stats reflect our market or not – as marketers we have to careful we don’t apply our own brand savvy consciousness onto our total audience.

Buying journeys are often over-complex, there’s too much choice and not enough clear guidance. We assume customers are sitting at home diligently doing their pre-purchase research. But behavioural economists have shown our willingness to take short cuts wherever possible, and the way we’re biased towards the things that just feel right.

Engaging the confident brand lover is one thing. But the ambivalent majority might need a different approach.

Let’s make marketing great again!

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