Black Horse Point of Sale

Making point of sale materials more engaging for both customers and dealers, through clear and consistent messaging.

Every year, Black Horse helps over 200,000 customers to finance new and used cars, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes through a network of over 5,000 dealers. They briefed us to review their full range of point-of-purchase showroom materials.

Our approach

The project began with an audit of dealerships across the country to review the use of branding along with the point of sale items.

Interviews with sales staff identified the most effective POS materials and we reviewed the customer journeys from initial awareness to purchase and aftersales to see where there could be a better connection.

As well as developing a stronger use of branding we wanted to create more practical materials for dealers as well as looking to include interactive items for customers and their families. We planned the showroom journey from showroom exteriors to on-vehicle graphics and from ambient interior displays to merchandise tools to support the sale at the desk area.

All the point of sale items featured clear, helpful messaging and a friendly, conversational tone of voice.

The outcomes

We produced over 40 new items from flags and jackets to vehicle stickers, innovative backdrops and colouring books.

The materials have been very well received by dealerships and a simple guide to the new materials makes it easy for them to order. As a result of the project, our client relationship has strengthened, leading to new briefs including radio advertising and lifestyle photography.

Client feedback

“All the dealers have been really pleased with the new materials. The cyan has great stand out. The mirror hangers and ceiling panels are eye-catching and have a strong consistent look when they’re seen together. We’re also receiving positive feedback from the dealers in the Leisure channel where we’ve introduced lifestyle photography.”

Jo Stuart, Head of Marketing for Black Horse