Griffiths Brothers
Creating the Griffiths Brothers brand and launching a highly successful distillery business.

The background

The Griffiths Brothers, Alex and Drew, had been experimenting for years with a blend of botanicals in their garden shed.

They boldly claimed, “We’ve made stuff that’s miles better than anything you get in the shops.”

Eventually they got their spirit licence and took delivery of their hi-tech equipment from Japan. Unlike traditional distillers, the GB boys had invested in a ‘cold-distilled rotary evaporator’. Christened ‘Roberta’, this would distil the botanicals at lower temperatures creating a cleaner, brighter taste. “It’s like the difference between fresh orange juice and marmalade” they enthused. We agreed.

A couple of months later the shed was now a small industrial unit in nearby Penn Street.

But they needed a name, a brand, a bottle, and a website. Which Milestone was only too happy to create.

Gin was to be their first product, with rum and vodka to follow.

The outcomes

Launched in Spring 2017 the brothers quickly established a network of retail outlets, bars and pubs.

Right from the start demand was off the scale with production targets smashed every month.


Client feedback

“The demand has been incredible. We know our gin tastes good, we’ve just won silver in the International Gin Awards which is amazing for a start-up.

But the bottle design counts for a lot. Everyone loves it and wants to give it a try. Now we know it works we’ve got to upscale and take the business to the next level.”

The Griffiths Brothers