Lex Autolease Driving Intelligence
We’ve helped shift Lex Autolease’s content marketing strategy from an annual research report to an always-on, integrated reporting approach.

Integrated B2B content marketing

In a marketplace that’s more about strategic partnerships than selling individual vehicles, the aim is to create preference for the brand based on expertise.

Content is directed towards building key B2B relationships with C-suite decision makers by providing actionable insights on the issues that matter. This new approach was launched with an online poll, using social media to establish the key priorities for the audience.

Our approach

In-depth research explored and examined these topics from a range of perspectives, supplemented by Lex Autolease’s own data from its managed fleet of over 300,000 vehicles.

Producing and broadcasting the new content is a collaborative process involving Lex Autolease’s marketing and consultancy teams, industry partners and agencies. Milestone is part of a multi-agency team including Editions Financial, City Press, Greenhouse, Vista and Swift Research.

The campaigns include digital and press ads, emails, videos, webinars, podcasts, events and unique manufacturer insights around a content hub website landing page. Internal marketing helps spread and share the content.

The outcomes

So far, engagement with social media and emails is the highest the brand has seen.

Focusing on team member’s expertise is helping to raise the profile of Lex Autolease’s specialist knowledge and giving the brand a more personal feel.