RAC Report on Motoring

The RAC is Britain’s oldest motoring organisation and an iconic brand on our roads today.

To maintain it’s brand awareness and preference it relies to a large extent on PR activity, providing expert news, views and insights on the issues facing the motorist. From fuel, potholes and new technology, to speeding and safety matters, the RAC regularly make the headlines as ‘The Motorist’s Champion.’

The task

At the heart of the brand’s PR machine is its annual Report On Motoring.

This award-winning publication is the result of an in-depth survey of over 1,700 motorists. We’ve been producing the Report for the RAC since 2009, the different themes reflecting the changing voice of the motorist.

Our approach

We support the RAC with our own motoring photo library, shot over the course of each year. Custom infographics bring the insights to life and can be shared through social media channels, by the business, across the year. The report is aimed at journalists, broadcasters, policy makers and corporate partners.

View the latest Report.


The RAC Report on Motoring is now a well established thought leadership reporting brand. It has a far reaching influence on the RAC’s status as a leading campaigner for safer, fairer and more enjoyable motoring for everyone in the UK.

It’s estimated that the Report delivers a return on investment of over 10:1.