Reliance Worldwide Corporation
Rebranding a global manufacturing group to unite their growing businesses with an innovative identity system.

The task

Our brief was to help solve a complex branding challenge across a global group of businesses.

Alongside the RWC corporate brand, the group had six core product brands and a growing portfolio of regional brands and sub-brands – each with its own colours, naming conventions and market positioning approaches.

Group acquisition strategy had built a super-group of complimentary plumbing and heating products aimed primarily at trades.

But this family of brands approach would only work if customers could see a connection between them. We had to find a way of unifying all the brands, while retaining an element of individuality and personality.

Client feedback

“As well as transforming the visual look and feel of our entire group of brands, Milestone has helped shape our brand positioning, core values and tone of voice. They’ve worked in partnership with our senior management, marketing and design teams around the world to deliver outstanding results, quickly and efficiently.”

James Bell, Brand and Marketing Director, RWC

Our approach

Our first step was to consider the corporate brand. Creating a strong, confident mark for RWC would ensure that its brand leadership would carry authority across the group and become the endorsing mark to connect them all.

The second move was to refine the product brands. The group’s portfolio of products ranged from well established global brands to start-ups and regional brands.

We created a family of identities using a common typeface and icon style. For each brand it was an evolutionary step forward, with important heritage being retained wherever possible.

RWC brand identity
RWC brand identity
RWC brand identity
RWC brand identity

A series of global trade shows was identified as the opportunity to launch the refreshed family of brands. 2019 coincided with the group’s 70 year anniversary. ‘Celebrating 70 years of innovation’ became the focus of the launch.

Client feedback

“Milestone has crafted us a world-class, industry-leading brand identity. From the initial briefing process, they have consistently impressed with their vision and quality of output. As a collective they have been the perfect collaborative partners and it is a relationship we hope to build on.”

Keiran Gorick-Sandal, Creative Services Manager (EMEA), RWC

The Outcomes

It has been a rapid and highly successful brand refresh for the whole group around the world.

The rebrand has been the catalyst to inspire and motivate employees who can see their part in a dynamic, growing global group.

Customers and shareholders can immediately understand how the family of brands fit together to deliver an innovative, complimentary range of products all aimed at making lives easier.

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