Looking for a speculative creative pitch?
We have a better offer for you.

Join us for a free creative strategy workshop.

Whether your challenge is brand strategy, re-branding and brand identity design, content marketing and lead generation, social media engagement, digital transformation or all of the above – we can help.

We’ll give you full access to the most experienced members of our team
for a half day session discussing your brief and exploring new ideas.
Whatever is generated will be yours to take away.

Our hope is that you’ll want to continue the discussion.

We believe that chemistry is as important as creative.


At Milestone we invest in relationships. And after 25 years in the game, we don’t think that the traditional creative pitch works well for either client or agency.

Agencies get to present their best guess ideas about a brand they know little about to a bunch of people they know even less about. Clients get to meet a series of agency suits, who they may never meet again. Most agencies present ideas designed to stand out against their competitors rather than aimed at solving your challenges. There’s so much potential for wasted time and effort and you might not even get what you’re looking for.

You want an agency that will save you time and make your budget go further.

Let’s start now.