Creative vs Corona

Coronavirus illustration

We are all in a period of unprecedented behavioural change. Businesses need to respond rapidly with creative innovation. Health and safety remain the top priorities. But production, operations, service, sales and marketing must continue if businesses are to survive.

This situation may last for some time. And who knows, some sectors may be changed forever.

Here are just a few creative thought starters:

Ready for radical
In normal circumstances it’s very difficult to change customer buying habits. Now you can go for it. This could be a change to your business model, product offering, route to market, positioning or pricing.

Digital transformation
If your websites, digital presence and search strategy haven’t been a big priority they need to be now. Consider everything from changing your hero banner messaging to a full upgrade.

Social needs
We’re social animals. Deprived of gatherings and events we’ll look online and rely on technology to keep us connected. How could you support this need?

At home
Can you innovate to support/service/supply a home-based market?

How can your brand’s tone of voice and content offer your customers a sense of hope and confidence?

Efficiency drive
How can you create new efficiencies in all your operations to reduce costs, streamline and speed up service?

New markets
Change may reduce or close existing markets but may open up others. What new customer groups could you target?

Gin and tonic hand santiser

We helped Griffiths Brothers to diversify as coronavirus impacted their gin distribution model.

Think different

Be contrarian
What is the opposite of what you would normally do? It may reveal some surprising options.

Take inspiration
What would Apple do? Or Virgin, Red Bull, Tesla or Brewdog?

Pain points
List your customers’ key challenges. How could you relieve them?

Human need
Consider your customers’ deeper human goals and how your brand could help.

– Safety and security
– Community
– Hope and happiness
– Order and control
– Power and independence
– Confidence and self-esteem
– Adventure and escapism
– Fun and excitement
– Love

Try these creative thinking techniques or get in touch to find out about our online creative workshops. We’re here to help.