Gallery: 10 years of the RAC Report on Motoring

We’re proud to have built a strong relationship with the RAC, working on many projects from branding and advertising to events and video production, for over 10 years. Since 2009 we’ve been designing their leading content marketing publication, The RAC Report on Motoring. The 2018 edition has gone live this week, take a look here:

Based on a research survey of over 1,800 British motorists and with an expert panel of contributors it represents the views and voice of motoring in the UK. For the RAC it’s a powerful marketing tool helping to maintain their leadership status and generating millions of pounds in value of publicity through print and broadcast media.

To give the Report an authentic feel, photography has been an important part of the project. All the imagery has been taken by members of our team, sometimes with a decent SLR, sometimes with a smartphone. It has meant that we’ve kept costs down for our client, but also, we’ve built up an image bank over the course of each year reflecting the weather, motoring issues and types of cars on the road.

The work of William Eggleston and Martin Parr were both big influences on the style of photography we wanted to take for these reports. Our aim was to tell little stories about today’s driving issues with each image. Sometimes there would be a touch of wry humour and always a definite sense of place and real world motoring.

Celebrating our 10 years on RoM, we’ve shortlisted a selection of our favourite photographs. Some of them made the cut, and were featured in a finished report, but quite a few never saw the light of day until now.


Thanks to:
Adrian Metcalfe
Peter Wilkinson
Ian Sutton
Howard Angus
Jeni Gleadow
Pam Donaldson
Sam Jones