GDPR: The battle for Content vs Consent

One thing’s for sure, as we enter the run-up to the General Data Protection Regulations this May, consent is no longer a ‘grey area’ for brands wishing to distribute content to prospective customers.

Content is here to stay. It has always been around; it’s not a new thing. What is a recent phenomenon, is that most brands have got into the idea of drawing customers into their world by creating lots of content.

And on the whole, many consumers of all kinds, are willing to consume content – as long as it’s relevant, timely and published in the right places.

But finally, the consent to receive content is no longer subject to even the slightest debate. This puts the onus on all content creators, curators, publishers and broadcasters to raise their standards.

What are the hallmarks of a brand that you’ll be happy to sign-up for?

Like the number of credit cards you’re prepared to carry in your wallet, how many content providers will you be happy to have in your in-box?

Of course, these are individual and subjective choices. But I think there will be a common thread in those that succeed – consistency.

Only those brands delivering a consistent quality of content that’s creatively inspiring, emotionally engaging and practically useful will have their ‘Opt me in’ boxes checked.

Just make sure you’re one of them, before May 25th.

Of course there’s so much more to GDPR than issues around email marketing. If you’re still in the early stages, the Information Commissioner’s Office website has some useful guides on preparing your business for GDPR.

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