Six marketing must-reads. Our favourite books from the office library.

We’ve chosen our favourite books on marketing, branding, behavioural economics, psychology and more.

Alchemy – The surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense. Rory Sutherland. 2019
This brilliant book manages to combine the best of human behaviour, humour and big ideas at the same time. His solution to replace HS2 with a simple app is genius. Top of the list for post-Covid transformation. 

Decoded: The science behind why we buy. Phil Barden. 2013
An amazing insight into how humans process and derive meaning from brands and marketing campaigns without knowing it.

How Brands Grow. Byron Sharp. 2010
If you haven’t already read this game changing book, now’s the time. Using empirical studies, it sheds new and controversial light onto segmentation, USPs and brand distinctiveness.

The choice factory. Richard Shotton. 2018
The book represents the missing link between behavioural economics theory and marketing practice. It describes 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy and how we can hack them.

Graphic storytelling. Noma Bar. 2017
Noma Bar’s wonderful graphic illustrations are full of surprises and hidden meanings. They bring a bit of much needed joy at every look and are a great insight into the power of simple graphic shapes and colours. 

Buy.ology for a Coronavirus world. Martin Lindstrom. 2020
12 years on from the publication of Buy.ology, brand guru, behavioural and sensory marketing pioneer, Martin Lindstrom has released this pocketbook with his insights into how business needs to adapt to the new world. 

Let us know your favourite industry books that we should be reading.