From posters to posters in 10,000 jobs

Milestone has just reached its own milestone. Job number 10,000!

“What is job No.10,000 for?”, I asked when it popped up on our system, “A digi ad? Video? Social campaign? Web content? Branding project?”

It was a poster for the RAC.

And it took me back to day one when we started Milestone with a poster job. Back in 1995, we’d just opened a small office above an art shop in London End, Beaconsfield.

The poster was for the debut film for young director Edgar Wright. His movie ‘A Fistful of Fingers’ was a comedy pastiche of the ‘spaghetti western’. It was made on a tiny budget, with a cast of non-actors mostly still at school. It was funny, silly and showed promise.

Edgar Wright is famous now for his many collaborations with Simon Pegg, from cult TV show ‘Spaced’ to the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ – ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘World’s End’, plus ‘Tin Tin’, Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’ and many more.

At the time we had a run of film poster work from contacts at the National Film and Television School, also based in Beaconsfield. We did the first film poster for another award-winning director, Shane Meadows.

But fun as it was, we’d also got to know a large automotive group called Lex Service. They owned Hyundai Cars (UK), Lex Vehicle Leasing and RAC among many others. This relationship felt like a better bet in terms of regular work.

Twenty one years on it’s nice to know our client list hasn’t changed all that much. And despite embracing all things digital, there’s still a place for a poster. Although, I suspect the budget for marketing an Edgar Wright movie today is a bit better than it was back in 1995. His latest blockbuster due for release this summer is Baby Driver.

Check out the trailer: