The Yule Mule

It’s our Christmas tradition at Milestone to invent a cocktail fit for the festive season. This year it’s the Yule Mule. This kick-ass cocktail takes its inspiration from the Moscow Mule. It’s vodka, fired-up with the fizz of spicy ginger beer perfectly balanced with the subtle sweetness of cranberry juice.

Here you can see the full kit we’ve created to construct this cocktail. It’s a plastic-free packaging solution featuring a range of rose gold accessories.

Have a kick-ass Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The story of the Yule Mule

Mule wanted to be a reindeer, 
helping Santa would be cool
So he made himself some antlers, 
and set off for Reindeer School.

“Your antlers are so silly!”, 
“You look like such a tool!”
Taunted the real reindeers, 
as Mule ducked behind a stool.

“Stop that!” said Santa gruffly, 
“There’s no need to be so cruel!
I’m sorry, Mule, it’s reindeers only, 
that’s always been the rule.

But with online shopping soaring, 
folks think that I’m the fool
When the couriers are running late, 
or running out of fuel

I need someone that I can trust, 
I need a real jewel…
So I’ll get you a job with ParcelHorse 
– you can be the Yule Mule!”